Doing Homework Assignments In A Matter Of An Hour: An Effective Manual

Are you feeling sick and tired after spending the whole evening doing loads of homework assignments? You have enough of spending the whole weekend writing your English Literature essay and doing your calculus assignment? Then the next effective manual is exactly what you need.

  1. The first and the easiest rule is not to put it off till tomorrow. Sounds very simple, doesn't it. Just do the assignment during the same day it was made. Thus, you will be able to save plenty of spare time for tomorrow and especially for the weekends.
  2. If there are plenty of big homework assignments the best way to do them quickly, is to divide each into smaller pieces and assign each part for each day till the deadline. Thus, you will be able to finish it without wasting all of your evening on it. However, don't forget to finish each part on time.
  3. Find yourself a peaceful, quite place for studying, because the best way of doing homework assignments in a matter of an hour is by sitting comfortably in silence and without being distracted. So make sure that all the electronic devices are turned off, unless you need them for your homework.
  4. Don't leave the hardest part of your assignment till the end, do it in the beginning, until your mind is still fresh and you still have the desire to do something. If you will leave the most difficult task till the end, there is a high risk that you will never finish it.
  5. Don't let yourself be distracted and waste even a minute of your time. However, don't forget to have at least short breaks 5-10 minutes to recharge your brains and have a cup of tea/coffee. Ignore all the distractions and you will succeed.
  6. Write down a short plan of your studying. Figure out how much time you will need to finish every assignment and follow it strictly. Set up an alarm to know how much time has passed and how more it is left. It will also help you to focus again if you have lost your attention.
  7. Turn off your main distracter – the cell phone and leave it in another room, to be one hundred percent sure that it won't distract you.
  8. During the breaks don't forget to have small snacks to fill your brains with energy. However, try to make them healthy, no chips or chocolate bars. Eat an apple or some nuts.