How Homework Prepares You For College: 5 Points To Consider

In high school, many high schoolers sometimes blow off homework. For many reasons like ‘we will never use it’ ‘it’s boring’ ‘I have better things to do’. Some homework may be busy work while others are creative and also could be fun. All homework can be said to be useful in one way; that is preparing a high school student for college. In a way, homework is one form of professional assistance given to high school students by their instructors.

How does it prepare students for college? That’s an excellent question, and there are five answers to that. Homework prepares you for college by making you understand there are deadlines; be aware that repetitiveness equals learning; completing assignments ties in achieving goals; encourages essential traits needed for college students, and allows you to use what you learned in class.

Understanding deadlines

As a high school student, you should know what deadlines are. Many students create a habit in meeting those deadlines, or they don’t. Students who complete their work early and meet the deadline on the dot have a high chance of success in college. College waits for no one; it also does not hold any students hand when it comes to college course assignments. Unlike high school instructors who give students assignment help. Any time a student needs help, or if a high school instructor believes the student needs help, it’s automatically given. Unlike college, where if you need help, you better ask or as a student, you will be left behind.

Repetitiveness equals Learning

To really learn the material, a student must study it. Studying material means repeating it over and over again. You cannot learn something if you don’t study it. You won’t do well on a test if you don’t study the material needed. You won’t do well on an exam if you haven’t done the homework to exercise that knowledge. This truly ties in with college because if you don’t do the homework you won’t learn the material needed to pass midterms, finals or even the entire course. Homework prepares in for the work load that lies ahead in college.

Completing assignments relates to Completing Goals

As a high school student, completing anything not only makes good habits but also makes you look good on your transcript. If you don’t do that assignments and all Fs line up on your transcript, then you will not put in the work required for college. Completing assignments are like goals; they could be goals actually. If you complete one task, you learn the material for a quiz or test, you pass the quiz or test because you did that one assignment; in which reflects on your transcript. One assignment makes a difference just like one goal makes a difference in your life. Not doing homework is just one step to a downhill life.

Important traits

Doing your homework shows that you are hardworking, and that is vital in college. No non-hardworking person gets into college. It shows that you are positive and self-aware of where you are at. It shows that you are engaged in your learning and that you are preparing yourself for college courses that you may take. Doing your important not only promotes good qualities as a student but also as a person.

Experience what you’ve learned

As a high school student, classes may drag on or even fly by but in all classes you will learn something. As a student, you will be expected to test your knowledge or re-learn what you learned in class, and the only way to do that is homework, quizzes, and tests. This ties into college students with A.S. degrees. They go to a class to learn a skill they will use in their potential job. Exercising your knowledge by homework will help exercise important skills you learn in college into your potential life.

Homework is very important in preparing future college students for college. It allows you to understand that there are deadlines; makes you aware that repetitiveness equals learning; helps you understand that completing assignments ties in completing goals; encourages important traits needed for college students; and allows you to use what you learned in class. Not only that but there will always be homework to be done in high school, college and even in the workforce.