10 Reasons Why Homework Is Bad: A Professional Point Of View

Are you trying to figure out is homework is a bad thing, but don’t know how to make a decision? Then learn the top 10 things that make homework a bad thing. By educating yourself on the facts you’ll be able to figure out your opinion on the matter.

  1. Depression
  2. Homework has the ability to induce depression simply because a student can get overwhelmed with the amount of work. It can also lead to chronic depression that does not go away over a short period of time. In the process the quality of life of a young adult can be reduced to the point of desperation.

  3. Socializing
  4. Due to lots of home based work a student might lose the time to socialize. They might feel isolated in their home because there is a mountain of work to be done. This can be avoided by reducing the volume of work that is given out.

  5. Lack Of Understanding
  6. Some assignments might be too difficult to do at home for a student, which means they should be completed in class. A student that is given work which is too hard might begin to feel stress that is not required.

  7. No Equipment
  8. At home a student might lack the equipment that is required for the work to be completed, which means the project should be completed in class where the correct equipment is available.

  9. Lonely
  10. A student who has a lot of work will feel that they are isolated from the rest of society. This feeling of loneliness can actually decrease the happiness level of an individual by a significant amount.

  11. Repetitive
  12. The work might simply be a repetition of what was already learnt in class. This could be a waste of time providing little value.

  13. Need A Teacher
  14. Some students learn much better with a teacher because they get to ask the questions that enable them to understand a topic.

  15. Motivation
  16. It could be the case that certain students will not have the motivation to get the work done at home. This could mean that their education suffers due to procrastination.

  17. Boring
  18. When education is made to be boring then a student will struggle to get passionate about trying to get the top grade. Too much home based work assignment can make any type of topic appear boring.

  19. Lack Of Focus
  20. Some work assignment might not focus on the things that matter most, but instead ask trivial questions that does not raise the level of achievement.